Contractors & DFE looking to be net zero carbon

Many countries and companies around the world are doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions – But is the reduction of carbon emissions enough? The term ‘Net Zero’ means that any emissions are to be balanced out by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere.


The UK is aiming to reach Net Zero Carbon by the year 2050 by using two predominant methods. The first is by stimulating nature to absorb more carbon dioxide and the second is through building technology to achieve the same outcome.


Afforestation & reforestation may remove current carbon dioxide through photosynthesis but what can we do the prevent the carbon dioxide being there in the first place?


In 2015, SUEZ revealed that 1.6 million tonnes of bulky waste (42% of which is furniture) is sent to landfill each year, despite over 50% of it being reusable. In addition to this, landfill globally released 882 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2010.


If all of these figures were from the same year, a staggering 185 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (21%) could be prevented by repurposing the useable furniture. If a larger focus from the nation is put onto reusing suitable furniture rather than sending it to landfill, the Net Zero Carbon could be reached considerably earlier than 2050.